Hi! I’m Netty, a first-time visitor to the new Madhubun website. I would like to relate my experience during my stay in this part of the cyberspace.

I typed www.madhubunbooks.com on the address bar of my browser and pressed Enter.

Vroom, came the site on my screen! Yes, I am connected.

“Thank you,” I waved at the screen in reply to the four highlighted words that I saw on the top—Welcome to Madhubun Books.

It didn’t reply anyway. I again asked in vain, “What to do next? You’ve got so many stories to tell.”

No reply as usual. But my roving eyes could now find three large blocks with titles—Students, Teachers and Parents.

“Ah-ah, now I know what you mean… You have something for everyone, whether I am a student, teacher or parent.”

“Okay. I am a student, let me click on Read more >>

I wowed at what I saw… so many goodies for me… Syllabus Simplified, Examination Resources, Learning Resources, Stress Buster, Ask a Question, News You Can Use, CCE Made Simple, Syllabus-Based E-Games, and many.

I was more concerned about my ensuing Class 8 terminal exams to be held next month. So, I rolled my mouse pointer over the Examination Resources tab, in an attempt to click on it.

But, all of a sudden a bright idea flashed into my not-so-bright brain.

“Hey Netty, why not check the Learning Resources first?”

“Learn first and then write exams,” I reasoned.

What I found in the Learning Resources section made me further curious—Interactive Chapter Summaries, Worksheets, CD-ROMs.

In Interactive Chapter Summaries, I selected Social Science, ICSE and Class 8 from the dropdown and clicked on Go.

“Oh, no, what’s that?” I frowned at the……….. TO BE CONTD. SOME DAY, SOME TIME

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